We are Belarusians living in Austria and we have been following the events in Belarus since the beginning of the president election campaign of 2020. The grief and struggle for the rights and freedom of our families and friends at home united us. Now Belarusians around the world are more united than ever before.

What has already been done by Belarusians in Austria

In only a few months Belarusians abroad have managed to build up a social movement in their countries of residence and united worldwide. Belarusians in Austria participated in Solidarity chains and marches, our independent observers monitored the elections at the Embassy in Vienna, we organized an Exit Poll.

The activists organize flash mobs, perform Belarusian songs, recite poems by Belarusian poets, record videos in support of their compatriots.

While the regime has been spreading lies and escalating violence against its own citizens, we have expanded our work with local media, politicians and civil activists – to inform the public about the iniquity in the heart of Europe, to declare the inevitability of the democratic change in our Homeland, with the joint effort of the European community to support the will of the courageous, talented, worthy people of Belarus to determine their own destiny!

Official position of Austria and cooperation

The Austrian government has slammed the violence against the protesters in the wake of the presidential election in Belarus, calling  the elections  “neither free nor fair” and decided to support people of Belarus with “restrictive measures against those accountable for violence against peaceful protesters”. The topic of Belarus remains firmly in the news. Diligent work at the political level has brought the results. The visits of the elected Belarusian leader Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya were organized in Vienna. On October 8, 2020, S. Tsikhanouskaya  met with The Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg and on November 5, 2020 with The Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

Politicians and official representatives in Austria are in support of democratic Belarus, the Minister of Sports of Austria supported the transfer of the World Cup 2021 from Belarus. The topic of Belarus does not leave the agenda of the Austrian media for a single week.

The visits to Austria by the elected leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Veronika Tsepkalo, representatives of the Constitutional Council and the National Anti-Crisis Management were organized with the support and participation of Belarusians in Austria.

In order to continue productive cooperation with the local media, authorities and public organizations, we announce the establishment of People’s Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Austria.

Country facts and vision of a new Belarus

Austria has long been known as one of the world’s most important negotiating platforms. Vienna hosts the headquarters of such international institutions as the UN, OSCE, IAEA, Amnesty International, Red Cross. The possibility of using the negotiating platform in Austria to resolve the political crisis in Belarus should not be underestimated.

New Belarus is a free democratic state in the center of Europe, where law and order rule, and the people are the source of power. Belarusians are intelligent, educated, talented people who love their country and do everything for its prosperity.


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